June 14, 2021

I am a lawyer with three years’ of post-qualification experience. But I want to learn how to code. Here’s why.

I currently work as a Research Fellow at a leading think tank in New Delhi, India. Having spent around three years in this field, I have come to realise that this is not my calling. While there are things I love about my job, I know that I will not enjoy being a lawyer and working excessively long hours at law offices, for the rest of my life. Given this, and after much introspection, I made the decision that I should try my hand at something new, with the aim that, if it inspires me, I will take decisive steps to forge a new career in that field. I will explain my reasons for coming to this decision, in greater detail, in a subsequent post here.

My elder brother is a software engineer and has been working as one, for the past five years. I have always observed how satisfied and content he would be with his line of work. Remarkably, his experience as a software developer and my experience as a lawyer have been stark opposites. I would often wonder if my brother’s case was an exception in his field or whether his experience was the norm. Anyway, when I expressed my decision and willingness to dive into something new, he strongly suggested that I give Computer Science a serious try. He shared a number of articles and videos to underline that: a) anyone, irrespective of their professional background, can learn how to code and be gainfully employed at that, and b) it is an interesting career where the work would never cease to be interesting and intellectually challenging. After a few rounds of discussions with him and having done my own research, I felt I was ready to take the jump into the wide (and, so far, quite strange) world of Computer Science.